Dragonfm questions/NNN query

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Sat Apr 9 19:39:09 UTC 2022


Hu missing inotify? Strange, but python-pyinotify is a hard dependency in the PKGBUILD.  Is this the wrong package? I‘m currently not at home. Maybe you want to check? Otherwise i will check later.

Well there is currently not much documentation. All i have is in my blog:


But if you have questions, just ask.

dragonFM is looking in etc for its settings by default. You can copy the settings file to your home folder to overwrite it per user (see path in blog, there is the path someone at the end, ig you need help here i come in as soon as i arrive at home)

Well dragonFM was designed for simplicity but is very easy to extend. Feel free to use it. If you miss an important feature or found a bug, just let me know.

Cheers chrys

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