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Well to explain what you see, you need to understand how shortcuts on an command line application work.
The commandline reads any input from STDIN. This is also valid for shortcuts. The operating system translates some (not all, depending on terminal capabilities) input to a sequence of ascii codes. This sequences are sent to STDIN then.This series starts with an special ascii character, the Escape code. This is why this sequences are named escape sequences. How many escape sequences are „translated“ or „understand“ depends on the used terminal standard (TTY uses as far as i know VT100 standard, correct me if i m wrong, terminal emulators can often emulate various kind of standards, depending on the emulator and configuration).
The issue you see here is the fact that some of the escape  sequences do not have a printable representation. For this there are various cases where printable sequences defined for the non printable representation. Long thing short: in your case, Ctrl + h is the printable ascii representation of backspace. So an command line application can not mate a difference between ctrl + h and backspace at all ( so its a limitation of the deeper level of terminal and operating system, not an issue of dragonFM)
You can see this in plain bash, vim or nano as well (and any oder commandline application)l, type something, press ctrl + h, it behaves like backspace and will delete the character left to the cursor.
See here for a list of (some?) of those „duplicates“. 


But like noted, this depends heavily on the Terminal.

Sorry my friend, there is not much i can do here.

What can we do now?
Well, all we can do is choosing what is more important for you and rebind backspace „KEY_BACKSPACE“ (what is currently bound to leave entry, wo moves to parent folder) to toggle hidden (and unbind or rebind leave entry then ) or use another shortcut for hidden.
See here in settings:

Cheers chrys

> Am 10.04.2022 um 11:52 schrieb Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at redhat.com>:
> So quick question Chrys...
> I'm trying to have history switched to ctrl+H on my copy of Dragonfm, to
> line up more with how Nautilus/Caja does it. However that shortcut seems
> hardcoded in with no way to change it in the config file. I'm trying to
> fix it since alt+H brings up a terminal's help menu and I'd like ctrl+H
> to show/hide hidden files since that's a common enough shortcut on
> desktop file managers so why not have it in DragonFM?
> So where do I need to look to switch the function of ctrl+H in the
> program? Currently it brings up the location bar, page 1/2 and doesn't
> show or hide hidden folders, instead going back one step despite not
> being defined as such in the config settings
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