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Wow, responding to these points:
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> Why not use windows 11 then?
> Now why the hell would I wanna do something like that? First, I want my
> freedom. Next, I don't want to have to get a Microsoft account just to
> use my computer.

These are valid points. But what I get from Windows: a mostly clean
accessibility experience (mostly thanks to NVDA and community support), and
a good many apps designed by and for the blind.

> And for God's sake I want to be able to change my
> default browser or uninstall something I don't want.

I mean I have Google Chrome set as my default browser right now. And I can
uninstall a lot. There's no Candy Crush Saga, and I just uninstalled Dizney

> And if I do want to
> open up a terminal sometimes, it is my right to do so.

Windows Terminal exists. They even have a Windows package manager. But if
you don't like that one, you use Scoop, or Chocolatey, which also have some
Linux apps and command line programs.

> And their mail
> application is broken as fsck as well.
That's still true. But you'd just install Thunderbird wouldn't you? It
works even better on windows than Linux because the accessibility bus is
faster to load all those messages into its buffers.

> ~Kyle
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