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Wed Apr 13 22:54:32 UTC 2022

Will Win11 even run on an 11-year-old i7 with 4GB of RAM? Admittedly,
this old dinosaur sometimes slows to a Crawl between Firefox being a
behemoth and Orca living up to its name in the resource usage
department, especially on websites that abuse JavaScript and the like,
and I have to switch to tty2 to run killall firefox-esr orca because
one of them has become unresponsive more often than I'd like, but at
least Linux gives me the option of stripping out parts of the GUI I'm
not using and to switch to a pure text environment when the GUI
becomes unresponsive, things I'm pretty sure would require the kind of
hacking Microsoft wouldn't approve of to accomplish under Windows.

Admittedly, I haven't heard anything bad about Windows 11 yet... but I
suspect that's due to people tired of being burned by Microsoft's new
releases doing everything they can to avoid updating for as long as
possible, or due to the shift to mobile phones as the primary
computing device for many laypersons making for fewer people to rant
about Microsoft's latest round of questionable changes on the
Internet... or maybe the Pandemic is slowing adoption...

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