FYI - Command Line Programs for the Blind

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Thu Apr 14 00:38:25 UTC 2022

I would guess that audio is meant in this case for recording. Since the 
way audio is heard is based more on the speakers used than the 
underlying system, unless equalization is involved, I think recording 
for things like voice dictation is more what's needed in this case, 
though I could be wrong. That said, if your microphone works for you 
now, you should get better results using voice dictation through Google 
Chrome or similar, or by installing the speech-to-text service from the 
web store on any Chrome-based browser.

Regarding that, I just found

which seems to be installable into any chrome-based browser from the web 
store, so you shouldn't need Google Chrome specifically at all. It 
should be usable through Chromium, which you will find on most 
distributions including Ubuntu, or Brave, which may require a repository 
installation, but will be more up-to-date than Ubuntu's version of Chromium.


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