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Thu Apr 14 01:03:18 UTC 2022

I don't know, I could imagine the government telling Freedom
Scientific(or any other anti-consumer software company), "You can
treat the civvies like criminals all you want, but you have to give us
copies without the bs."... or such companies offering a clean version
of their products for governement use to turn a blind eye to their
anti-consumer behavior... or just to ensure most highschool graduates
are taught on their software and will be unwilling to consider their
more affordable competitors.

And yeah, I'd like to at least upgrade the system drive in this old
workhorse to solid state or just buy a whole new system, but my budget
doesn't have much room for purchasing hardware I don't have an
immediate need for... and I don't know the first thing about swapping
out ram... still, I like that Linuxactually gives one options when it
comes to older hardware beyond "run old version of Windows and hope
Microsoft doesn't force an upgrade that effectively bricks your
machine due to low specs" or "buy a new machine everytime there's a
new Windows version, even when the old one still works fine".

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