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Thu Apr 14 01:05:36 UTC 2022

Oh wow! I can't see who you are because this list obscures the sender's 
email for security reasons, but I love everything you just said. My 
whole focus when I was doing my computer business thing was to work with 
everyone, not just certain everyones. I probably had more customers who 
could see than I had who did not have working eyeballs, but my point of 
sale for everyone was to upgrade the OS on their computers to make it 
run faster and more securely. Yes, I did at one time work with Sonar and 
with F123, and even worked a little with the attempts to revive Vinux, 
but it actually didn't hurt too much when both Sonar and Vinux pretty 
much went the way of the dodo. I guess I could express my feeling as a 
slight disappointment, but not much more. F123 was a little different, 
as I was a paid contractor working on it, so that did hurt quite a bit 
more, I mean no one wants to stop making money, but even that was 

Now that I know that I am to make a major career move, I will be having 
to put my face out there for the world to see. But the one thing I 
noticed is that my instructor in the class I'm taking to get me started 
on this new career path, when she learned that I am blind, kept this 
fact to herself when I asked her specifically about a non-visual 
alternative to something in the class, saying instead that she knew why 
I was asking the question and tried to answer it to the best of her 
ability. I felt like this recognized my humanity above all, and that is 
a very good thing. ANd having been selected for this class and having 
worked with this instructor prior to it, having purchased related 
educational materials and even having won a contest from her based on my 
abilities, not on my non-working eyeballs - she had no idea at that time 
that they don't work - I know that I am in the right place at the right 
time dealing with the right person/people. I'm not "the blind," I'm not 
treated as "the blind," and I'm not even selected for anything because 
of my blindness. I am human, and my skillset and the fact that I know I 
want to improve my skills and am passionate about the career path I'm 
taking are what propell me to my destiny, and that just feels much 
better somehow. I tried to express this to someone who is on this same 
career path who said that we should support people just because they are 
blind, but he didn't seem to get it. I simply couldn't make him 
understand that it's our skills and our abilities, as well as the 
positive impact that we make on the people around us and on the world 
that make us successful, not the blind beggar mentality that says I need 
you to support the poor blink. These are people who I would say exude 
negative energy, and I have decided that I only want my spirit to be fed 
by positivity.


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