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Sounds like your sound card keeps switching. Check aplay -l and set your module loading order so that the same card gets placed at index=0. Since it's a newer laptop it probably has HDMI, which is gobbling up the first slot.

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> Thank you Karen, Kyle, and the person who is deaf/blind, which had no name at
> an end of comments. Anyway, thank all of you for wonderful explainers on these
> conceppts. And no, Kyle, I didn't think you were swinging. And speaking of
> audio, I just got a newer laptop, which came with windows11pro, which we
> nuked-and-installed Debian SID. An installer has espeak guiding us, but once we
> need to reboot for changes to take affect, no more speech or sound. At times 1
> time a boot will have speech, but a majority of boots will not have any sound.
> How mysterious. Thanks in advance for any suggestions-and-please feel free in
> creating a new subject-line if you like as to not confuse others following this
> one.
> Chime
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