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Thu Apr 14 12:48:10 UTC 2022

See to me, I see Orca as part of the installed system, not some special app you have to go install a laJaws or NVDA on Windows however.

So to me, no, Orca's a part of the distro that helps out disabled (Not just blind....) users however. Something like Fenrir that you have to go out of your way to install specifically, or espeakup, or TDSR, or... would more fit that specialized blindie specific software tag however I feel, since you need to...

1. Go installe it from Git, or Pip or your package manager or however you install it

2. It doesn't help anyone but blind users. Something like Orca with a magnifier also wouldn't be blind specific since it'd help people with low vision as well for instance however

That and, well, I just feel like if it's part of the distro or OS, it's not really this hyper specialized thing. It's there when you've installed the system alongside every other package that gets installe.

Okay for something like vanilla Arch, I'd argue that works against Orca because I had to manually install it and, yes, go out o my way when setting up this box to have Orca on as part of my install and setup routine....but for something like a GUI Arch installer that lets you select accesssibility in the installer, the distinction gets really, really fuzzy since then Orca's installed and part o the system. Ditto for Ubuntu, Debian, et cetera. Kind of a tough one to call

On Thu, Apr 14, 2022 at 02:33:04PM +0200, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Hmmm, interesting, about "the blind" and being human.
> I have no problem with it anyway, because I just wonder: "The blind" has
> and will always refer to humans and not some animals.
> Then about blind-specific products: the Orca you are using on the
> computer is certainly a blindie thing, isn't it? The fact that you
> require specialised applications 'made for the blind' to participate in
> mainstream activities says otherwise.
> Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at> writes:
> > Well, no, I didn't mean to replace one for-the-blind specialized Linux 
> > distribution with another. Everything I said centered around the fact 
> > that I use something that anyone can use, I work with anyone, and I am 
> > human above all, not the blind. Slint is also a one-man show that is 
> > just a specialized Slackware, albeit with some improvements, and even 
> > Slackware as old as it is is also a one-man show. I am much more in 
> > favor personally of using distributions with much better community 
> > support and more than one person maintaining them. Yes, a team can get 
> > too large for the good of its own project, but two heads are always 
> > better than one, and three can usually be better than 2.
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> > ~Kyle
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