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Thu Apr 14 15:05:50 UTC 2022

Please try this in a VM first. I tried to dualboot once, it didn't work,

That's because Microsoft still thinks they're the shizz and they 
overwrite your sensible bootloader with their own. The virtual machine 
is in fact your best bet, and I would take this one step further and say 
just install Linux as the host OS, and then if you need to run anything 
else, run it in the virtual machine. It's much better to run unstable 
virtual machines on top of a stable host OS than it is to run your 
stable OS in a virtual machine on an unstable host. If your unstable 
virtual machine gets hacked or otherwise needs to be destroyed, you only 
have to recreate the virtual machine, and you can even take snapshots in 
most cases that will preserve older working versions. But if your host 
gets toasted or roasted, you have lost everything.


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