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Sir, you should clear the red from your vision. Such rhetoric is improper.
Lol and you thought the stuff coming from the Yggdrasil screen reader page
was confrontational. Anyways, I don't need to convence you. I wasn't trying
to convence you. You always think people are out to try and get you to
change from whatever it is you're using. Like when I talked about Gemini
and such. Also I don't *love* Microsoft. I get from them a good, stable
system with community support by blind users and developers. And in return,
they get whatever data they can out of my computer use. Personally, if they
think I'm *that* interesting, I welcome the attention.
Devin Prater
r.d.t.prater at

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> OK enough with the Microsoft commercials. We are past tired of them by
> now. We see more than enough of them on TV. What happened to your
> beloved EMACS? You will not convince anyone here that your new-found
> love of Microsoft is any good for anyone. Go crawl back into your
> microsoft hole and leave the Linux list alone. This is not the place for
> Microsoft spam.
> ~Kyle
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