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Thu Apr 14 20:08:21 UTC 2022

Also Windows just works. Nothing just crashes out of nowhere,

When did that start happening? I always found just sitting down at a 
Microsoft computer to be a wrestling match. Random crashes usually at 
just the wrong time, many hoops to jump through just to do things I took 
for granted even in the days of good old-fashion DOS, just plugging in a 
printer or other simple device was enough to send my computer into a 
tailspin, and then there is all the antivirus and antispyware stuff I 
had to run that slowed down the computer almost as much as just the 
screen reader could do. Even the very first time I used a Linux 
computer, back before the days of graphical desktops with a11y that 
worked, I went from cursing my computer 3 or more times a day to cursing 
it maybe twice a month, and that was usually because I was intentionally 
breaking something so that I could learn how to fix it. That was before 
I tried to wrestle with EMACSpeak and Mutt LOL. I cursed EMACSpeak for 
like 5 to 10 minutes before I just gave up, and actually wrestled with 
Mutt for about a week before running back to Pine back in those days. 
Things have greatly improved since then.


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