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I agree too. If we get spam, which I mean that happens regardless, from
online account leaks of your email address, to going on dubious sites and
submitting your email because you got a text saying you won $500, spam is
gonna happen. If your mail provider, or mail server, or email client, can't
deal with spam, usually by you marking an email from a sender as spam and
the program automatically marking further messages from that sender as spam
too, then that's a problem with your setup, not the list. Of course, I
think this list is ran by RedHat, so who knows what wheels have to spin in
the big corporation, or corpse as I like to call them, to get software on
the mail server updated and this change made.
Devin Prater
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> I'm in violent agreement with Didier's feelings about confusion between
> posters in this mailing list.  Reading completely anonymous postings and
> trying to figure out whether and how they relate to previous postings is a
> real drag.  That said, I'm open to various ways it could be resolved.
> Regarding posters' desire to be anonymous, I'll point out (again :-) that
> it would be fine for posters to use some sort of nickname, pseudonym, etc.
> It only has to be unusual enough to let the reader tell various posters
> apart.  So, for example, "Fred" isn't very useful, but "Fred123" or even
> "abc123" would work just fine...
> - Rich Morin
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