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We're talking about sharing the name, not the email address. Sharing 
email addresses in these lists is a huge no no, but I can't see what's 
wrong with the name valiant8086 showing up in the emails and on any 
internet archives of it.

Aaron Spears, AKA Valiant8086 General Partner at Valiant Galaxy Associates "we make (VERY GOOD AUDIOGAMES) for the blind comunity"

On 4/14/2022 5:05 PM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> I agree too. If we get spam, which I mean that happens regardless, from
> online account leaks of your email address, to going on dubious sites and
> submitting your email because you got a text saying you won $500, spam is
> gonna happen. If your mail provider, or mail server, or email client, can't
> deal with spam, usually by you marking an email from a sender as spam and
> the program automatically marking further messages from that sender as spam
> too, then that's a problem with your setup, not the list. Of course, I
> think this list is ran by RedHat, so who knows what wheels have to spin in
> the big corporation, or corpse as I like to call them, to get software on
> the mail server updated and this change made.
> Devin Prater
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> On Thu, Apr 14, 2022 at 3:48 PM Linux for blind general discussion <
> blinux-list at> wrote:
>> I'm in violent agreement with Didier's feelings about confusion between
>> posters in this mailing list.  Reading completely anonymous postings and
>> trying to figure out whether and how they relate to previous postings is a
>> real drag.  That said, I'm open to various ways it could be resolved.
>> Regarding posters' desire to be anonymous, I'll point out (again :-) that
>> it would be fine for posters to use some sort of nickname, pseudonym, etc.
>> It only has to be unusual enough to let the reader tell various posters
>> apart.  So, for example, "Fred" isn't very useful, but "Fred123" or even
>> "abc123" would work just fine...
>> - Rich Morin
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