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Fri Apr 15 08:59:47 UTC 2022

So, here's the thing with (at least my) signature.

It's not below the message.

It's below absolutely every tiny thing. Now, is that a client setting or a hey the signature goes below everything else? I mean. It does, in fact, say Jace's words are up there.... so yes, I do say who I am.

It just, well, gets lost amid the list footer. I think that's my project for today, try to see how I can best sort this out. However that does raise an interesting point in my mind...that the list footer could, IMHO, be shortened up a bit though since to me, it's a little too wordy

On Fri, Apr 15, 2022 at 02:05:15AM -0400, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> You definitely have a point. If there is a way for the administrator of this
> list to just remove the email address, or set it to the list address as it
> is now, but still show the name of the sender, this would be very much
> acceptable, with the exception of automatic completion that seems to put the
> first name that I replied to next to the email every time, so I have to go
> back and fix it. Still, that's a very minor thing, and i do believe they may
> have fixed that now so that if I fix it once it stays that way. So if I do
> quote someone to provide answers inline or just to reference the exact point
> I'm responding to, the name will appear as I want it, and I can easily see
> who I'm responding to, even if they forget to put a name in the message. If
> this can be done, this is certainly the best option going forward, and
> should not generate any spam that doesn't get caught by the list's filters
> that keep out all non-subscribers' posts.
> ~Kyle
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