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Fri Apr 15 13:03:15 UTC 2022

Just my observations though about the anonymity of this list:

1. Those who aren't brave, but flamy never write their names.
2. Those who are confident and helpful often do so, and I can count only
six, not necessarily by rank: Devin, Kyle, Tim, Karen, Didier, and Rich Morin. 
3. Because of that, threads on this list are exciting and often generate
more responses than say orca mailing list.
4. There are people here who impersonate others. A case in point is
someone who calls themselves Didier, perhaps that is his or her given
name--though I have my doubts about that as well, <smile>.
5. So because I am not on the list on item 2, I enjoy this list as it
is. I don't like spam, and prefer anonymity. 

Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at> writes:

> I'm in violent agreement with Didier's feelings about confusion between posters in this mailing list.  Reading completely anonymous postings and trying to figure out whether and how they relate to previous postings is a real drag.  That said, I'm open to various ways it could be resolved.
> Regarding posters' desire to be anonymous, I'll point out (again :-) that it would be fine for posters to use some sort of nickname, pseudonym, etc.  It only has to be unusual enough to let the reader tell various posters apart.  So, for example, "Fred" isn't very useful, but "Fred123" or even "abc123" would work just fine...
> - Rich Morin
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