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Hi answers inline, but in short for the first three questions: yes it's

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> I know i'm going to be in for a long, long, painful process.
> But here's my questions.
> Can I, on emacspeak...
> 1. Check and respond to my gemails? Dirent things online have
> different answers
You can use any of the email clients such as notmuch, Wanderlust, gnus
or mu4e to do just that. The only thing I have to say is that like most
terminal applications, you have to deal with  text files to enter IMAP
and SMTP details.

As for me, I use notmuch.

> 2. Have a telnet client up and going to connect to stuff like MUDs
> without leaving emacspeak?

Sure, you use tramp for that. For instance, entering /ssh:root!blahblah
will connect you to a remote ssh server at blahblah.

> 3. Can I browse the modern net in emacspeak or?

You can use eww or w3. If you set a variable for it to pretend as if it
is FF or something else. However, personally, though I am a heavy Emacs
user, I still find browsing with Firefox or Chrome with Orca a better option.
> And 4. Al, do you happen to know where I can get a hold o that book
> you metnioned?

I am not Al, but the book is called Harley's Emacs Field Guide and can
be found from Bookshare.



> Those are my four questions. I the answer to any of the above is no, it's a deal breaker for me
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