Textbased installation of VMs in VirtualBox

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Thu Apr 21 18:38:31 UTC 2022

> On Apr 21, 2022, at 03:47, Jace wrote:
> On Wed, Apr 20, 2022 at 01:17:42PM -0700, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> ... Rich, can Vagrant be configured to install as if you were at the keys, with a username, password, et al? ...

It has been a couple of years since I last used Vagrant, so my memories are very fuzzy and probably out of date.  So, I think the best plan would be to get on a Vagrant forum and ask some picky questions there.  That said, my impression is that the typical approach is as follows:

- create a set of control files and scripts
- use Vagrant to bundle some applications
- install the VM support infrastructure
- have Vagrant handle the app setup, etc.

So, assuming that you can trust your infrastructure (e.g., Vagrant, the VM framework, your OS), the resulting security (if any) mostly depends on the setup of the target machine and the content of the bundle.  If the scripts in the bundle are buggy or worse, the resulting VM won't act as desired.  However, your base OS configuration should be undamaged.

- Rich Morin

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