BackSpace Beep in Debian Testing?

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Wed Apr 27 12:38:06 UTC 2022

Am 24.04.22 um 02:27 schrieb Linux for blind general discussion:
> Hi All: I have a newer laptop. An only way of having consistant sound 
> is by running Debian Testing instead of Sid where I had little or no 
> sound. However, I have no backspace or tab-completion beep in either 
> tcsh or bash. I installed beep. Supposedly there is a way of 
> installing "pcspkr" but I cannot find it. Can any1 please inform about 
> how to enable beep in console? In searching, there are references to a 
> bell which is now disabled, but is found in accessibility? If this is 
> accurate, please inform what I do next? Typing a controll+g does 
> nothing. Thanks so much in advance

I have a new Dell Latitude 5421 laptop and there console beep is also 
not working. All I tried did not work and I gave up, no chance to get 
console beep back :-(. Strangely the grub2 bootloader is beeping, so 
there must be a pc speaker in the laptop. Also the pcspkr kernel module 
is loaded. But I have not found anything to activate the beep in a 
running system, no volume control, e.g., maybe it is another problem 
with pulseaudio, I don't know.



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