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Mon Aug 8 09:05:25 UTC 2022

> I'm trying to get Mutt or Neomutt to still work with Gmail post nuking of
> passwords, but...I can

I believe IMAP is the best choice for getting from gmail to mutt.
I describe this here.

I read that you go to your google account, enable
IMAP, generate an app-specific password, and paste the
password into your muttrc:[1]

    Select your Profile icon > Manage Your Google Account > Security > App Passwords, choose an app and a device, then select Generate.
    You can create and revoke app-specific passwords as you change the apps and devices you use.

Here's the gmail IMAP server info.[2]

    Gmail IMAP server address:
    Gmail IMAP username: Your full Gmail address (for example, example at
    Gmail IMAP password: Your Gmail password (use an application-specific Gmail password if you enabled 2-step authentication for Gmail)
    Gmail IMAP port: 993
    Gmail IMAP TLS/SSL required: yes

Check the mutt docs[3] for where to enter the above parameters.

You'll also have to specify the SMTP server for your
outgoing mail.


Joel Roth

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