umai: Automate Ubuntu Mate accessibility tweaks

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Tue Aug 9 01:14:18 UTC 2022

Hello everyone,

when upgrading my Ubuntu Mate to the latest 22.04, I found out
accessibility installation can be quite a drag. I mostly knew what to
do, except few things I had to search up like activation of Orca on the
login screen, but still, getting all information together, doing all the
necessary steps, not forgetting anything, turned out to be quite exhausting.

I created a simple script, that should help automate this process:

If you know any other tweaks you think should be included, please let me
know, these are the accessibility related things I usually do (or want
to do) when setting up a new system.

I wanted to setup a shortcut for OCRDesktop in the script as well, but I
didn't find yet, where does Ubuntu Mate save information about custom
keyboard shortcuts. If anyone has an idea, please let me know as well.

I also can't recall the enable accessibility services option in the
settings, or more specifically, its gsettings path. It's not like it was
a problem, I still don't have a slightest idea about the purpose of the
setting, but perhaps it should be turned on, so I'll give it a look
during my next gsettings raid.

Save time, and have fun.

Best regards


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