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Wed Aug 10 15:38:24 UTC 2022

Good Afternoon,

we have problems with linux for two weeks. Gnome-disks are slow, 
sometimes it doesn't launch with this bug in Terminal:

(gnome-disks:6298): GNOME-Disks-ERROR **: 11:56:17.410: Error getting 
udisks cli
ent: Časový limit vypršel
Trasovací/ladící past (SIGTRAP) (core dumped [obraz paměti uložen])

Sometimes I have problems with ejecting disks or launching them, it 
throws me back to the Computer to disk list. My frient thinks that's 
GTK4 bug. But I am afraid if I haven't some virus, because two weeks ago 
I've installed Windows 10 to my desktop. But any flash disk, cell phone 
or dictaphone I didn't join to the Windows. My Raspberry wasn't 
connected to Windows too. It's only on the same internet wia ethernet. 
Please where can be a problem? My friend in the same network has these 
problems too. We have both Ubuntu Mate 22.04 updated from 20.04, 
Raspberry Pi 4B 4 GB RAM.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards


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