"Accessibility in Fedora Workstation" (fwd)

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Sat Aug 13 23:47:48 UTC 2022

Well, Al, Voxin is useing I B M T T S which is exactly the same as Eliquence. 
Also, unrelated, through much of this discussion I am getting 2 duplicate 
messages for each comment.
I also wanted to comment, in my situation back around 2000 working at a phone 
company, I was still happily in DOS. I almost convinced them to let me get 
company mail in Pine. Before that happened, they changed their mind. Then even 
worse the company brought in a hard-nose who took away my DOS machine for 
win98. The company did actually have Linux courses in their learning system. An 
only item which rehab got me was a Brailler, as where the company paid for 
folks to train me or write windows scripts.

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