"Accessibility in Fedora Workstation" (fwd)

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Sun Aug 14 02:09:24 UTC 2022

As I have said more than once, that is not how this article is being 
represented in the broader Linux community.
I will add that, by this person's own admission, clean up is the task he 
is *choosing* to focus  upon.
he is, according to those writing the article bringing accessibility to 
Fedora workstation.
i respect that for those in the know, in the choir so to speak what he is 
doing is clean up.
but that is not how the general Linux community is taking this 

On Sun, 14 Aug 2022, Jookia wrote:

> Hi Karen,
> It seems like discussion about this article has been flooding my inbox
> over the past few days so I figured I'd finally read the article.
> It looks like he's just going to tidy up GNOME application accessibility
> which ... isn't that hard a job (at least for a sighted person), just
> tedious and political. This doesn't really require high certifications
> or degrees, just labor and people management.
> If we demand people have amazing certifications to do work like this
> then you'd end up in a situation like Gitea which has decided to close
> and lockevery unfixed accessibility issue in their tracker and seek a
> paid professional accessibility audit just to tell them to fix their bugs.
> Saying speakup without espeakup is basically useless is a stretch, but
> they're certainly rare devices at this point.
> Jookia.

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