"Accessibility in Fedora Workstation" (fwd)

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Sun Aug 14 14:52:33 UTC 2022

No, it seems you are the person I have to thank. It was indeed the Linux 
version of the FreedomBox browser I used at that time, and it was a game 
changer. I started with Linux in early 2003, finding it to be overall 
far superior to anything I had used before it, mostly Microsoft's Dos, 
Windows 3.1, 98, ME and XP. But I had to keep my less than legal XP and 
my illegally authorized Jaws at that time because of issues I had 
working with banking and other online payment systems and other sites 
that had already lost, or possibly never had, the ability to work well 
in text-mode browsers. Yes, that self-voicing browser, I seem to recall 
it speaking using DECTalk speech, was indeed a game changer, and I see 
that my gratitude is not misplaced after all. Back at that time, I was 
doing everything in text mode and had to startx to get to a graphical 
session that could run the browser, but fortunately, by the time the 
Linux version of the FreedomBox browser stopped working, I was able to 
use Firefox with the screen reader called Gnopernicus, so I never again 
had to find an illegal copy of XP or Jaws so that I could pay my bills 
and shop and other things that required a fully graphical browser. So 
yes, thank you and Serotek for getting me over the last hurdle to using 
Linux full-time, and thanks also to Sun Microsystems, Igalia and many 
others for all the work that has gone into overall accessibility of 
graphical desktop environments and Linux applications since then.~Kyle

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