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> Am I way off base here, or are you one of the guys behind the browser
> plugin or whatever it was that allowed me to pay my bills through my
> bank on Linux for the first time way back more than 15 years ago

As far as I know, Matt was also responsible for zipspeak, which is what
I used to bootstrap myself into Linux way back in 2000.  Back then,
there was a version of Slackware called Zipslack, which could run under
MS-DOS.  Essentially you could run Linux and DOS/Windows side by side.
Zipspeak was a respin of Zipslack that included Speakup.  I spent a
month or so with it before ordering a set of Slackware disks and doing a
full Linux install.  I don't think I ever had a chance to say thank you,
so now I'm doing that publicly.

Folks might also remember Matt for trplayer, which was a Linux console
player for RealAudio streams.

-- Chris

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