"Accessibility in Fedora Workstation" (fwd)

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Mon Aug 15 03:09:26 UTC 2022

Folks might also remember Matt for trplayer, which was a Linux console
> player for RealAudio streams.

Wow it has been a long time indeed, but I actually do remember trplayer. 
I didn't use zipslack or zipspeak, but I did start with Slackware 
running the speakup.i kernel. I very quickly switched to Red Hat 9 
because it had more available packages,, but I did have to use the 
telnet install at that time with a second computer that had Speakup 
already installed, because there was no precompiled speakup kernel at 
that time, but I braved kernel compilation to get Red Hat working and 
speaking, especially after I figured out just how easy it was to build 
rpm packages at that time. Actually, it's still fairly easy to build rpm 
packages these days, even though the system is a bit more complex than 
it once was. Fortunately we have really good package management now that 
we didn't have back in those days. Still, even with the evolution of 
Linux over the years, it is still by far the easiest to use, especially 
since I'm a bit too old now to learn the latest Microsoft crap that I 
abandoned so many years ago.


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