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See I'm curious. I've been watching this thread and figured I'd leap in. 
My setup is I havve a WM going, Ratpoison in my case find terminal 
things easier to use, for example pipe-viewer for Youtube videos without 
fighting with the frankly, clunky and obtuse Youtube main site that's 
trying to force me to bee Google's slave.

So I'm in this weird spot where I'm using, say, Firefox or web browsing, 
but say if I download a news article or something for, let's say, a blog 
post and I need to quickly grab text I find it quicker for me to fire up 
w3m in my terminal, select what I want and copy it that way, than use 
Firefox to do the same task.

Or for email, I prefer the quickness and ease of use of Mutt, I can go 
in, delete a bunch of emails for example, without having to deal with 
Thunderbird/Evolution's laginess and Orca freezing up in a folder with 
thousands of messages for example.

I'd argue that trying to force GUI usage isn't really the right 
approach, instead more of okay, here's a set of tools, some or CLI, some 
are GUI, use what works for you and your use cases. I can't use GUI 
tools when SSHing into a machine really, so personally, I'm in this 
hybrid sort of setup where I do have a window manager and access to 
graphical apps, but I prefer to use the terminal and CLI for several 
things that I find too clunky with a desktop. That and I don't have to 
deal withh things such as Orca getting stuck in a CLI app, that doesn't 
happen at all.

So TL:DR Use what works for you no matter if it's CLI or GUI, use what 
suits you best IMO

On 8/15/22 14:12, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> (from Matt Campbell)
> Thanks all for the appreciation and memories. But I'm afraid that, at 
> the risk of getting philosophical, the person who created ZipSpeak and 
> trplayer no longer exists. I remember being him, and I still have his 
> name and email address, but I'm no longer him. I've changed so much 
> over the two decades since then. Nothing makes that clearer than 
> Chris's and Karen's concerns about my attitude toward Linux console 
> users and, more generally, people who don't follow the whims of 
> mainstream technology for whatever reason. And those responses have 
> given me something to think about, but I don't yet know what I'll do 
> about it. I said what I wanted to say on the Fedora accessibility 
> article, and maybe I shouldn't have even let myself get pulled into 
> that thread. But I think I'm now philosophically far enough away from 
> many, or even most, in this community that I will probably retreat 
> again from this list and other related lists.
> Matt
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