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Mon Aug 15 22:52:30 UTC 2022


and from an accessibility perspective (from my point of view) it would
be nice, if in the subject field could be written blindlinux or
something like that, so an average blind user could quickly determine,
what is and from where is a mail, simular like majority of other
mailing lists have been set.

hope, that I was clear, thanks.

best regards,

2022-08-16 0:35 GMT+02.00, Linux for blind general discussion
<blinux-list at>:
> Samuel wrote:
>> John wrote:
>> > I would like to see if there is not an alternative/possibility
>> > to bring back name and e-mail from senders while maintaining the
>> > viability of this list?
>> Not getting the e-mail would be not too much a problem, but not having
>> the name is really problematic for following discussions, indeed.
> I agree. If we're already hacking the From: field, how about
> including the original name e.g
> JustSomeGuy via Blinux <blinux-list at> ?
> If the MTA is postfix, it could be just the matter
> of writing a regex to do this. (Raises hand to volunteer)
> Joel
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> Joel Roth
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