Impossible to know sender info

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Tue Aug 16 00:14:32 UTC 2022

Tim here.

Even if the mailing-list doesn't, if you use a powerful-enough mail user-agent like mutt/neomutt, you can mung the subject field semi-arbitrarily using regular-expressions as detailed at

I'm not sure if you can mung them conditionally such as based on the sender or mailing-list, but I use it to strip out a lot of junk from mailing-list subject-lines.


On 2022-08-16 00:52, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Hello,
> and from an accessibility perspective (from my point of view) it would
> be nice, if in the subject field could be written blindlinux or
> something like that, so an average blind user could quickly determine,
> what is and from where is a mail, simular like majority of other
> mailing lists have been set.
> hope, that I was clear, thanks.
> best regards,
> Jo??ef

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