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Tue Aug 16 11:59:31 UTC 2022

That's a point.  I think I'm the only Al here at the moment, but that 
was never my thinking.  I always sign my first name to messages, but 
except for here, those message should include my name in the "from" 
field.  I think Kyle, Samuel, and Karen, among others, do the same 
here.  As with paper letters of the old days, I tend to use my full name 
when I need to be more formal, or when writing to a stranger about 

Al Sten-Clanton

On 8/15/22 20:33, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Just in this thread, I've received messages with signatures such as "Al", "Joel Roth", "Jožef", "Samuel", and "Tim".  Although I appreciate the fact that the messages are signed, I'd like to point out that first names are hardly unique.  So, one could easily get confused as to _which_ "Al" was sending the message.  So, I always try to include my last name, as well.
> - Rich Morin
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