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Tue Aug 16 17:41:22 UTC 2022

Nope, reads as tildeKyle  here with the latest things in Arch though so 
not sure what happened with some setups to

That being said, I do feel like people have distinct posting styles. I 
absolutely hate the overly formal style some blind people do, e.g.


This is my example

Yours kindly
Blind Person

You aren't writing a letter of recommendation, you're not applying for a 
job or writing to your bank, landlord, etc. You're replying to some 
random Joe or Jane Schmoe on the interwebs, on a mailing list, who 
isn't, 99.8% of the time, super important or worth getting formal over. 
Just make your point and send the message IMHO

On 8/16/22 15:17, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> I've always just signed my first name in most places. But as far as I 
> know, I'm one of only two Kyles who would be on this list, and I tend 
> to use the tilde (~) attribution character before my name, something I 
> picked up years ago from one of my social media friends that just 
> kinda stuck. Until recent changes to speech-dispatcher, my signature 
> always said "tilde Kyle," but that seems no longer to work since a few 
> months.
> ~Kyle
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