Trying to Recover Deleted Files?

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Thu Aug 18 01:15:07 UTC 2022

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Hi All: Back on August 01, I ripped several streams of President Biden's speech 
on Afghanistan. I have a script to convert from mp3 to an aac. However, in my 
haste, instead of just deleting the mp3s in that directory, I nuked all audio 
files I recorded that day. I know, I need a backup strategy, something where 
any file which I nuke would endup in a temporary trash for like 6 hours. 
Usually when I make similar errors, I know rather fast.
So, many years ago, when I was in DOS, I could type "undelete" and it would 
provide a list of files, which you fill in the first letter. I gather 
recovering files in a Debian SID system is complicated? 1 of my Linux experts 
suggested I install testdisk. Trouble is it really doesn't read well in 
speakup. Another of my experts ran it here, says I have an LVM. Seemingly 
running a df -h shows home as /dev/sda3. At this point I only need files I 
nuked from August 01. Can some1 please inform of either packages or sequences I 
can run to try-and-restore these? I suppose if I can use a wild-card in that 
directory or provide it on a commandline? 
Thanks so much in advance

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