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Sat Aug 20 16:58:45 UTC 2022

On 8/20/2022 1:51 PM, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> It want boot from USB or the DVD drive.
> I can play DVD’s or CD’s, so the drive is OK.
> I don’t know what could have changed my boot sequence.
> I found this article online but have not tried it yet.
> How to change the boot sequence
> efibootmgr -v
> This will display all boot devices on your computer, and resemble something like:
> BootCurrent: 0000
> Timeout: 2 seconds
> BootOrder: 0000,0004,0005,0003
> Boot0000* ubuntu	HD(...)/File(\EFI\UBUNTU\SHIMX64.EFI)
> Boot0003* Hard Drive	BBS(...)
> Boot0004* UEFI: JetFlashTranscend 32GB 1100 ...
> Boot0005* UEFI: JetFlashTranscend 32GB 1100, Partition 1...
> The first line shows the current device that was booted from, the third line shows the computer's current boot sequence, and the following lines list each bootable device.
> Take note of the numbers such as 000, 003, etc. In this example, we can see the current boot sequence is the Ubuntu installation, followed by the hard drive, and the two different partitions on a 32GB USB drive.
> Change Boot Sequence
> Choose your new boot sequence by the device numbers, and change your boot sequence with the command:
> sudo efibootmgr -o 5,0,4,3
> Using the above example, that command would change the boot sequence to try the USB drive first, followed by the main Ubuntu installation.
> It's that simple, and you can now change the boot sequence on any Linux computer via terminal without scrambling to get into the BIOS when first powering on the computer.

This assumes that you have a non-legacy BIOS! :)

John Doe

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