Raspberry pi 3

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Sun Aug 21 18:47:55 UTC 2022

In addition to what others have posted, you may also be interested in 
Stormux, which is a talking distribution for the Raspberry Pi 3 and 4.


It's based on ArchLinuxARM, so you will have full access to the Arch 
User Repository (AUR) if there is a software application you need that 
you are not able to find in the standard repository.

Since you will need the Raspberry Pi 3, you will need the image that 
boots on it, as the Raspberry Pi 4 image doesn't boot on 3, and the 3 
image doesn't boot on 4. Here's the direct download link for the Pi 3 image.


The Stormux email list is on groups.io, so just send an empty email 
message to

stormux+subscribe at groups.io

and reply to the confirmation email that you will receive. You may also find


somewhat useful, as it gives you other email addresses you can use for 
list management. Hope this helps.


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