Remaining DecTalk Issues in Speakup?

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Tue Feb 1 15:51:49 UTC 2022

Howdy Chime ,

> While Fenrir has many more options, I have not heard of it support 
> DecTalk? 
fenrir supports dectalk using emacspeak speech back-end. this is 
currently very experimental lacking testers or users.
it requres
- emacspeak somewhere on hard disc
- python-pexpect
- tcl / tclsh
- set speech driver to "emacspeakDriver"
- set  speech serverPath in your settings.conf for emacspeak to your TTS 
server to use:
is what i used for test it with espeak.

again, its still very untested ( i don´t own most of the devices listed 
for emacspeak) and experimental

to maybe not break an existing setup. you can test it by passing the 
settings  wit -o parameter at startup once

sudo fenrir -o 

or create an copy of the settings.conf, change the required parameters 
and use
sudo fenrir -s /path/to/your/copy/of/fenrir/settings.conf
to use an given setting file.

if wit works, awesome :). if not, let me know. maybe we can fix it.

good luck.

cheers chrys

Am 01.02.22 um 16:28 schrieb Linux for blind general discussion:
> Hi All: Several days ago I asked something similar in the Speakup 
> list, but I guess maybe this may be a great place to inquire? Last 
> Thursday evening I had to restart my Debian machine after 130days. 
> Kernel jumped from 5.10 to 5.15 03. First thing I noticed was a 
> 4second delay in the DecTalk was back until I ajusted flush-time to 
> 100. I think back last September I was able to set this at 10, much 
> easier to scroll-and-listen to content. Please consider allowing a 10 
> setting. Next, I bet this involves caps-start-and-stop? If I type or 
> read any capital letter, the next item will say a "p" on top of what 
> ever that symbol or even a space. So as an example, a capital i 
> followed by a space will say "i p space" This is `extremely 
> challenging to read charactor-by-charactor. I looked-and- caps-start 
> is set at 160-and-stop is 100. Sure pitch rises on capitals but its 
> these extra p's which are in my way. Next, now once again 
> insert2-and-3 for pitch are broken. And eventually I will create an 
> audio file to send Samuel to demonstrate that just out of the blue, 
> while reading/scrolling, volume, rate, and pitch drop suddenly. These 
> have been occurring ever since 2003 when the DecTalk drivers joined 
> Speakup. Is Speakup an only console screen-reader with DecTalk 
> support? While Fenrir has many more options, I have not heard of it 
> support DecTalk?
> And lastly on another topic, did something change involving ssh, as 
> now if we enable openssh server, any1 can login to my system without 
> any authentication. Obviously until we find out how to fix this, its 
> turned off, but maybe since last September Debian may have changed 
> something. I would very much appreciate suggestions on all of these 
> items. Thanks so much in advance.
> Chime
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