Does anyone know how to switch a Humanware display to contracted braille on Linux?

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Mon Feb 7 09:39:56 UTC 2022

For me, switching to six dot braille also switches to contracted braille,
and eight dots switches back to computer braille. The commands are command
2-3-5 for six dots, and command 2-3-6 for eight dots.
Note however that I'm using the Brailliant BI, so the bindings may differ.
For example, a g on the command keys jumps to the previous prompt, it
doesn't toggle contracted braille.



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> Hi guys,
> Subject pretty much says it all. I was  wondering if anyone knows how to
> switch a  Humanware Brailliant b 80 to contracted  braille on the Linux
> terminal? I know with the  command keys you can do a letter G which  will
> toggle it into grade 2. I’m just not sure  how to keep it set that way.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> Thank you,
> Ashley Breger
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