For all .NET developers: A new SpeechDispatcher client library

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Tue Feb 8 10:20:16 UTC 2022

Hello everyone,
as some of you may know, C# is among my favourite languages for quite a
some time.
However, one particular drawback of using it on Linux was that there was
no library for using Speech dispatcher, i.e. getting speech was a bit
That's why I've decided to develop a full-fledged Speech dispatcher in
pure C#, and as of today, Im happy to release it for anyone to use under
the terms of the GNU Lesser General Public License v2.1.
For more information, see the official project repository:

Please note these are the first releases, so minor bugs can occur, feel
free to open an issue or contact me personally if you find any.

I admit the documentation is kind of... non-existent at this point. I'm
not sure when do I get to writing one, I have lot of other projects
going on, so I don't want to spend much time on tasks like this.
Please use the Python speechd documentation meanwhile, it should give
you a good hint on how to use things.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask here, on my mail or on the
GitHub repository discussions (I'm not sure whether it sends
notifications about new topics, so if i don't respond for a longer
period of time, just mention me or send me a message).

Happy coding!

Best regards


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