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This discussion of keys prompts me to ask here how to get the use of my 
right alt key in the console, or especially using Emacs.  It seems to me 
I did this some years ago on a system that has gone to Linux Heaven, but 
I can't remember and have no record of how to do that.  I'd be grateful 
for any pointers.


On 2/8/22 20:35, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Tim here.  I do know that some browsers have add-ons you can install
> like vimium or tridactyl for Firefox that provide vi-like
> keybindings.
> However, I'm unaware of any system-wide solution and suspect it would
> be a bit tedious.  I'd avoid using control, shift, or alt in any
> permutation with a letter to get the arrow-keys because lots of
> applications use alt+letter, control+letter, shift+letter, or
> control+shift+letter/alt+shift+letter/control+alt+letter.  So if I
> had the desire to try this, I'd suggest using your Mod4 (also known
> as the Windows Logo key, the Super key, etc) since most applications
> don't use this key.  Just about all of my window-manager key-bindings
> are tied to this modifier key.
> I don't know if you're in pure console or if you're using X.  It
> might be a bit more difficult in the pure console, so I'd
> investigating how to create a keyboard map that converts things like
> Mod4+h to be the left arrow, Mod4+l to be the right arrow, etc.
> However, this is somewhat system-dependent.  It looks like there's
> some guidance here
> particularly in the "Creating a custom keymap" section.
> If you're doing it in X, the same keymap idea might also work, but
> your window-manager might allow you to do a couple one-off keys
> without messing with keyboard maps, issuing a command like mapping
> Mod4+h to execute
>    xdotool key --clearmodifiers Left
> It gets a little tricky if you want to do control+left or shift+left
> so you'd have to handle each individually.
> Hope this gives you some ideas,
> -Tim
> On February  8, 2022, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>>       So, this is something I'm wondering.
>> Given I'm on my laptop currently, I'm wondering how easy it'd be to
>> shift the arrow keys function to, say, control+shift and maybe the
>> vim key bindings so I don't have to take my hands entirely of the
>> keyboard to do things that the arrow keys do, like neavigating a
>> web page, selecting text, and so on?
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