"Screen on" message at login then no more .....

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Thu Feb 10 16:26:39 UTC 2022


I would appreciate some tips to trace the source of my login problem:
on my Ubuntu 20.04.3 LTS the only thing I currently see when it starts up
"Scherm aan" (what means in English "Screen on").
I wait... and then can log in a console using ctrl+alt+f*
but to be able to get my graphical desktop back I have to use alt+super+s to
stop then restart Orca and braille in the graphical desktop.

How to know if the problem comes from brltty 6.0 or from Orca or something
else ?

(NB: I already got such problem on another Ubunu @ another computer, but
there were no problems before Ubuntu 20.04.
Also note that I recently accidently rm *log in /var/log but the system
boots-up, except that the "Screen on" problem now happens @ every restart).

Thanx in advance,



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