Coqui TTS has blew my mind!

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Thu Feb 10 18:26:32 UTC 2022

That's not true.

The samples are provided through a *standardized* HTML audio player, as
defined by the World Wide Web consortium (the *authority* for HTML, run
by its creator).

If some command-line application is unable to process it correctly,
that's not a problem of W3C, HTML or any its user.

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Dňa 10. 2. 2022 o 19:10 Linux for blind general discussion napísal(a):
> ..which makes stating that these are accessible incorrect.
> Linux exists in command line as well as gui.  as someone else in a
> different thread noted recently, they personally would not touch gui
> again for  the rest of their lives if given a choice.
> Meaning these options are not universally available or accessible in Linux
> as a whole.
> might as well say, please only be disabled as I personally define it,
> writing accessible by your own dictionary and seemingly to project it on
> to other people.
> Why not say from the outset, that the items are only available for some
> Linux users?
> On Wed, 9 Feb 2022, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>> The samples are HTML5 audio elements on the page. They're fairly easy to
>> download, but only on browsers like Firefox and Chrome. I don't know if they
>> have fallback links for text-based browsers. My website has fallbacks, but
>> Firefox, Chrome and other HTML5 browsers hide them. I didn't try the samples
>> in a different browser to see whether fallback download links are present.
>> The youtube link does offer a fairly decent example of the quality of speech
>> and sound though
>> ~ Kyle
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