Coqui TTS has blew my mind!

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Fri Feb 11 12:55:41 UTC 2022

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> ..which makes stating that these are accessible incorrect.

Whether we like it or not, anyone who still uses Lynx at all, which 
includes me, has to realise that some things will not work without some 
poking about, and some things can not be made to work at all.

We can no longer *expect* even the most usable of websites to work with 
Lynx, as much as we might want to.  The world has moved on, and anyone who 
continues to use Lynx has to realise that they are using a browser that 
lacks some HTML features and the limits that come with that.

I think a good argument could be mounted for supporting the audio tag in 
Lynx, as it doesn't require any kind of Javascript support.  Someone would 
have to opena feature request for this.

Having said all this, it's pretty trivial to get the URLs for the samples 
from the source of the page, which is what I did.  Here they are:

Basic Samples

Hard Utterances

Long Utterances

YouTube link:

Personally, I don't see the point of the Hard Utterances.  These are 
sentences strung together without any punctuation, the kind of thing that 
you normally wouldn't expect to come across and which one wouldn't expect 
a TTS to deal with gracefully anyway.


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