Launching a GUI Web browser and Orca from a console?

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Fri Feb 11 17:28:24 UTC 2022

I remember reading some time ago that it should be as simple as

windowManager && orca && webBrowser

or that with proper configuration, just typing startx...

But I never managed to get it to work...

And sadly, you can't get rid of the window manager entirely. You can
run Orca+a web browser without a window manager, but my understanding
is that doing so renders anything other than the browser's original
window inaccessible. This includes obvious things, like launching Orca
preferences or opening a link in a new Window, but also includes
anything where the browser generates a dialog box(save a webpage,
Firefox's "you are about to close x tabs" dialog when closing a window
with multiple open tabs, saving or editing bookmarks, etc.

And while I have an use a script someone else created to let me use
Orca+Firefox in a stripped down x-session, I understand nothing of it
beyond changing which window manager it uses, and I've never gotten it
to work under a distro other than the one that it shipped with...
granted, the script also generates a menu, and provided the software
is installed, gives the user the option between launching Firefox like
this, launching LibreOffice like this, or running a full LXDE session
with Orca.

I would love to have a portable script that I could feed any graphical
app as a argument and it would launch a stripped down xsession with
Orca and that app, bonus if it could default to launching a hardcoded
app if one isn't specified(I'd probably have it default to Firefox-esr
at present, but if I could use it to launch any app of my choosing,
I'd probably try switching to SeaMonkey as my main browser since I
understand it has most of the pros of Firefox while being more
streamlined and the current blackbox script I'm using doesn't allow
such flexibility.

So yeah, I've actually tried this, but never got it to work and would
like to actually get it to work. I like the console for pretty much
everything that isn't web browsing, but having the option of trying a
graphical solution for those one off tasks without installing a full
desktop would be nice... the GUI launch script having a --no-orca
option for launching self-voiced things would be nice too.

On 2/11/22, Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I know this is doable, but have never actually done it myself.
> I am looking for either a script,  or the info I may need to write my own,
> to launch any of my GUI web browsers with Orca, without actually starting
> up a desktop, Mate, Gnome, etc, or first starting up a WM, weather Fluxbox
> or ratpoison.
> If anyone could please point me in a direction, I'd appreciate it.
> I actually need this for work, my clients like calling on Google Duo. Why,
> I have no idea!
> Warm regards,
> Brandt Steenkamp
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