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Tue Feb 15 19:56:46 UTC 2022

Ubuntu, as far as I know disqualified themselves, seeing that you cannot, as far as I know install 21.10 without help. Yes, the LTS version's installer is still perfectly fine, so you could technically count that and distros based on the LTS.

For how long, I really cannot say.

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> On 15 Feb 2022, at 21:50, Linux for blind general discussion <blinux-list at> wrote:
> There's Fedora, Solus, Debian, Slint, Arch, that I can think of so far, excluding Ubuntu and spins.
> On 2/15/22 14:47, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
>> What other options do we, the Blind Linux users have? And, no, I really don't count Ubuntu spins, (Mint, Trisquel, PopOS, Accessible Coconut, etc.)
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