Accessibility of installing Distros?

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Tue Feb 15 20:03:22 UTC 2022

I just did two instaallations of the up-coming Ubuntu LTS, without 
sighted help.  One has to log out, then back in, as the live user, and 
the installer is accessible.  I agree, one shouldn't have to do 
workarounds like this, just to get the thing installed, but, It can be 
done.  Another note re:  Ubuntu-Mate: the login screen is still 
inaccessible.  As long as I'm the only user, it's not a huge problem, 
but, as before, it shouldn't be one.  Ubuntu GNOME has a talking login 
screen; it uses gdm, while the Mate spin uses lightdm.

-Dave H.

On 2/15/22 14:56, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Ubuntu, as far as I know disqualified themselves, seeing that you cannot, as far as I know install 21.10 without help. Yes, the LTS version's installer is still perfectly fine, so you could technically count that and distros based on the

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