Accessibility of installing Distros?

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Wed Feb 16 15:31:10 UTC 2022

Debian also ships an iso with the nonfree firmware; look for the 
"unofficial" set.  Not sure  what's so "non-official" about them, since 
they're packaged by the Debian iso team.

Devuan's like Debian, but it includes the non-free firmware in its 
kernel.  It should install just fine.  Devuan is debian without SystemD 
(the initialization system and services manager found in most modern 
distros except Slint).  What branch of Fedora did you get, that's free 
software-only?  the standard release has the non-free kernel blobs for 
things like the non-free Intel wifi radio.

Since we're talking about the accessibility of various distros, what of 
Void and Jentoo?  The installer for Void isn't accessible, but a friend 
managed to bootstrap it and now he packages for it. I think there are 
some folk, listening, who may chime in about the accessibility, but 
steep learning curve, of their favorite, Jentoo. In case it means 
anything, Jentoo has a "ports tree", like the BSD. Basically, you build 
most of the system from sources.


Dave  H.

On 2/16/22 04:41, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:
> Is it, like Debian, only free software, or do they also provide a 
> non-free Iso?

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