xvfb-run: Program executes, but I can't control it.

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Thu Feb 17 23:21:22 UTC 2022

Okay, so I recently came across xvfb, the X virtual framebuffer as a
potential solution for running graphical applications without the need
for a full desktop.

I used aptitude to install the version provided by Debian Testing.

As an initial test, I decided to try running a visual novel that has
built-in TTS for the parts without voice acting, and since the game
isn't in my path, I cd to where the game is stored and run

xvfb-run ./game.sh

I hear the game's startup sound followed by the title screen music, so
I know the game is running... but control is still at the command line
and all I can get out the TTY I ran xvfb from is the usual stuff that
happens when you press kees a terminal application doesn't register as
input and a message about not having a steamclient on my system. All I
can really do is ctrl+c to quit the inaccessible game and xvfb.

Knowing guis sometimes get ran on a TTY other than the one that
spawned them, I check all the available TTYs, but none of them are
connected to the game.

My initial test was performed on tty3 while I had my usual
Firefox+Orca on top of abarebones FLWM session launched by a script
that is a black box to me running on tty1, so I try shutting down
Firefox+Orca, rebooting my machine, and running the game before
launching anything else graphical... and got the same results.

Getting the game to run at all is a step forward, but it doesn't mean
much if I can't actually control it.

Also, it turns out I only have access to tty1-tty10 on my system, not
that that matters much, as it's not common I even get up to tty6.

So any ideas what went wrong or what I need to do to get my keyboard
talking to the game I launched with xvfb?

If it matters, my installed system is customized from an older version
of Knoppix, with all of the installed software that isn't Knoppix
specific upgraded to Debian Testing or Unstable(I was using Unstable
until a update a few days ago broke my xserver and forced me to
downgrade those packages to Testing and switching my active
sources.list entry to testing to prevent accidentially upgrading to
the broken versions again)... also, after getting the game working, my
next planned step is to get Orca+Firefox(trying to replace the script
I don't understand with something more flexible that should work even
if I switch to a vanilla Debian install) and then Orca+Seamonkey(since
I understand it to be the lightest, full-featured graphical web
browser for Linux and the best alternative to Firefox and chromium)
working with xvfb.

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