Cutting out Vim's easy is it?

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Create a .vimrc file in your home directory and enter

:set noruler

You can also simply echo it like this:

echo ':set noruler' >> ~/.vimrc

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> So I've got Mutt set up with vim as my editor of choice. it's 
> not
> nearly as scary as people make it out to be, it's easy to get 
> the hang
> of.
> But I have a question, and unsure if I can do this easily. If I 
> type a
> sentence, and then step through words, I get the charactter 
> numbers. 
> Like this four is six a  seven test 11, so how would I remove 
> the
> numbers after it. It's counting the number of characters. Which 
> I'm
> okay with. But I don't want it announced after every single word
> Is there a quick way to sort this? If I'm going word by word to 
> review
> what I've got, I want to just hear the words, not how many 
> characters 
> since the start of the file
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