Any arch users notest that there hasn't been any updates in over a week?

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Sun Feb 20 18:38:04 UTC 2022

Hi all, Is it just me or Is there something going on with the arch repos?  I
have 3 different arch systems and only one seems to be updating.  2 of them
are vanela arch systems in that they were installed using the arch iso.   2
of them also have packages from the aur in particularly, an aur helper yay
to be exact.  The third is a jenux system which seems to be getting package
updates just fine.  The 2 that were installed from the arch install iso,
just tell me that there is nothing to do.  It we seem to me that if the main
ararch repos are the sme that the package for the must part should find the
same packages unless there is something I am missing.  As a matter of
interest, I have gnome on one system and mate on the other 2.  Any ideas?





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