Mutt or Alpine

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Mon Feb 21 10:33:38 UTC 2022

On Fri, 18 Feb 2022, Linux for blind general discussion wrote:

7> Belatedly, Mutt (I don't have Neomutt on this machine, because...thanks 
> Solus?) works really, really well in a terminal oddly enough as well as a 
> pure console. Alpine sadly doesn't so at least for my use case, Mutt wins out
> Now to figure out if Mutt or Neomutt is a better fit? I'd say you can 
> probably ransition from Alpine to Mutt with a bit of a learning curve, for me

> Alpine. But Mutt, at least on my machine, works better with Orca in  a 
> terminal, I don't run into horizontally laid out things, Mutt has it listed 
> alphabetically so I know or example my Blinux folder is always at the top of 
> the heap, Inbox is option #5 and so forth. To me that makes more sense than 
> having Inbox/Drafts/etc all on one line, but YMMV on that of course, ...

You can fix this in ALPINE by setting


I would think that most of us here would want this feature set.


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